Social Media

Grow brand awareness with social media traffic,
transforming you into the authority in your industry.

Video Marketing

Build your audience on autopilot with
videos produced specifically for you,
incorporating your branding and messaging,
allowing you to nurture trust, increase sales
and grow organically on a daily basis.

Unlock the full potential of your business.
Increase brand awareness, sales,
& clientele with social media.


"Marley genuinely loves what she does.
She brings with her a deep pedigree of knowledge
and experience not commonly found
which is reflected in the work that she does."

Online Courses & Coaching Available!

Become social media savvy in just a few lessons,
learn how to use social media and video to drives
traffic on autopilot to your business.

Free Weekly Business & Social Media Training

Get up to speed with tips and tricks from my YouTube classroom,
showing you how to easily generate interest and build demand
before you even launch your products and services.

Your Business Growth On Autopilot

My love for social media started by teaching the basics of social media and Youtube SEO. I tinkered with this formula until one of my videos started getting 1,500 views per week organically and then converted those viewers to build my email list 700% within 3 months!

Imagine what it would do for your business to have the kind of content that generates traffic forever, a way to produce a message that creates interest, builds trust and drives sales – 24/7. Understand what your audience wants and how to give them the message they want to hear without burning out or spending a fortune by using my expertise in social media strategy and video marketing services.


Summary of benefits

My job is to bridge the gap to your audience using video content, social media and Facebook ads with expert knowledge. Expand and manage your social presence, creating engagement with your audience to become the center of attention. Meet revenue goals with ease, expand your team, grow your business and optimize ROI until you skyrocket to success.

More on social media and video marketing

The ultimate goal of social media is creating a community of genuine fans, who will spread the word about your business because they love and completely buy in to what you offer and always have your back. They will create a constant buzz of activity on your every social media post, giving you greater reach and growing the fan base even further. This translates into more leads, more email addresses, more traffic and more sales. When you’ve got an audience eager to support your business, you can achieve anything.


Social Media Management

Engaging content on all your social media platforms, crafted perfectly for current and future clients. All optimized for SEO to drive traffic to your site and grow your brand.


Whether you need to build a website from scratch or give a facelift to your existing site, we design it to meet your unique business needs.

Graphic Design

Need a logo? An advertisement? Promotional Materials? I’ll create the perfect image to catch the attention of your audience.


There are many different ways you can learn with me, through my one on one coaching or online courses, or my free tips on my YouTube channel!


  • "Just wanted to say thanks for everything over the weekend. You were amazing to work with and very easy to get along with. Thanks for your professionalism and easy going attitude. I have worked with a lot of people and organizations and this weekend was a joy to be at and partner with your team and I think that you were one of the key reasons. Even when it got crazy and you were really tired; you were a pro and always had time for everyone. Way to knock it out of the park this weekend and I see why John has you helping to drive the ship. He is blessed to have you doing what you do. As I was watching the overall amazing great team there is for the ESCT; I can see that the team is held together so well because of the way you treat and interact with people. Never lose that quality."

    Randy Young
    Randy Young World Vision
  • "Marley is a highly focused individual who is clear on objectives, quick to respond and is able to adapt on her feet. She communicates succinctly and keeps on point, offering options and strategies that are actionable and achievable. Having worked with her in various situations, including script work and live events, she has always been consistent. She truly cares about the work she does and especially, about the people with whom she works. Marley recognizes the value of collaboration and maintains a win-win, can-do attitude within everything she undertakes. She goes beyond hearing to listening, beyond looking to really seeing - all in all leading to real engagement in her professional work."

    Michael Kryton
    Michael Kryton Author of A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds, published by Gildan Media
  • "I had a pre-existing site that needed major upgrades, tweaks and changes beyond my scope of knowledge. Not only did Marley quickly and efficiently make these upgrades, but brought to my awareness even BETTER things to add to my site. I feel like along side technically mastering the work I needed done, she really sees and understands my vision for my business. This was extremely important to me in shopping for a developer to work with. Because of her skill, expertise, creativity, vision and the ease with which I was able to communicate with her, Marley will be my go to girl for everything web and design moving forward. Thank you Marley, for helping me in the areas of my business that had me feeling backed up against a wall."

    Kat Trimarco
    Kat Trimarco Inner Beauty Stylist
  • "Often times I get complimented on how wonderful Marley is and her level of work. Her professionalism is above reproach and the energy which she brings to every project is infectious. Marley brings a youthful and insightful approach to a medium which though appears easy to most, is elusive to the untrained. Marley genuinely loves what she does. She brings with her a deep pedigree of knowledge and experience not commonly found; which is reflected in the work that she does.I refer all of my web design and social media work only to her because I know that I can trust her to deliver an amazing and fresh product to my clients.  With her exuberance and energy she will go a long way and will be incredibly successful with anything she does. I look forward to watching her grow as a person as well as her company to be a media and design power house."

    Cory Tse
    Cory Tse Setarip Computer Services